Mornings are my favorite.

In an effort to curb some end of the year anxiety, I took one of my friend/mentor’s suggestions and have been waking up early every morning. This gives me an excuse to go to bed really early (LOTS of sleep is another of my favorites), and it also means that I wake up with the sun! And doing this has reaffirmed my staunch morning-personness.

My wise professor once said that mornings are the best time to write, because it’s the time of day when no one else’s voice has interfered with mine. I write a lot of letters, and I’ve recently been reflecting on my voice in letters, and how it’s totally different depending on who I’m writing to. Not just in content, but in style – it’s a reflection of how much I match people’s talking styles in communicating with them. In the morning, I’m the only one in my head.

Sometimes I spend my two extra morning hours journaling, or doing some homework, or writing the thank-you notes for the project I’ve undertaken of thanking influential people at Whitman for their influence. But, whatever I’m doing, my focusing powers are superhero-status. Focuswoman, that’s me!

But above all, the joy and inner peace that come from driving into the sunrise at 7 AM in search of solitude and my morning coffee…it’s the best.

Mornings are my favorite.

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