Douai? Valenciennes? Somain?

Salut, chers lecteurs et lectrices! (Hello, dear readers!)

I may do a series of belated posts on my summer adventures, but for now, an update on France – I have at long last received my work contract, and therefore I know roughly where I’ll be living next year! It’s very exciting, because now I can start obsessively googling pictures and maps and train fares and offices of tourism and historical information about REAL things and not just hypothetical ones. The adventure begins.

I have a decision to make. I was placed as the English Language assistant in a middle school and high school in Somain, which is a tiny commune (about 12,000 people, which is like a 5th of the population of my suburb near Seattle) between Douai and Valenciennes, which form a triangle with Lille (see map). So, I think I get to decide whether I want to live in Douai or Valenciennes, larger and more train accessible cities…and what to do if they offer me super cheap housing in Somain, because that could be tempting.

So naturally I have started doing some comparative googling. Maybe I’ll make a pro/con list of each city, or maybe it will come down to which one has the best looking housing options. Regardless, I am embarking on a new and adventurous thought project, and could not be more stoked.

But it’s also nice to keep thinking the back-of-my-mind thought: wherever I live, it will be new, exciting, challenging, scary, in a different language, and something(s) unanticipated will happen. Just the way I like it.

Douai? Valenciennes? Somain?

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