You know you’re in America when…

…you aren’t on a budget airline (complimentary beverages?? hot hand towels before every free meal??).

…on said fancy airline, the safety video is full of Youtube characters. Seriously, this played before each flight:

…when you leave the plane, someone says, “bye now, have a great day!”

…and, in the “welcome to New York” intercom message on the plane, an attendant says, “Thank you for choosing Delta Airlines, we eagerly await the next opportunity we get to serve you!”

…you go to Hudson to get some snacks and are overwhelmed by the 5 walls of options. Everything is in 10 flavors. They even came out with a new variety of M&M! (Crispy!? Delicious.)

…the new variety of M&M is only available in “sharing size.” (Honestly though, who even shares!? Not me…)

…in the security and customs lines, you strike up conversations with Midwestern strangers (about the weather, and bottled water).

…everyone is smiling.

…there’s a big jar of Adam’s crunchy peanut butter and some fresh bagels at home waiting for you.

…there’s also a family, and a cat. Welcome home to me!

You know you’re in America when…

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