What makes a truly wonderful work environment?

  1. A boss (or bosses) who listens, leads, and makes everyone feel valued. Who reminds us all of the big picture, and makes discussion more productive by asking guiding questions and providing thoughtful input.
  2. Coworkers who listen, empathize, thoughtfully disagree or express their affirmation, and support one another. Who all work toward a common mission, and respect one another’s differences.
  3. Meaningful work toward something that everyone buys into, and thinks is important.
  4. A healthy attitude: everyone is trusted to put their best effort forward, without too much pressure or stress.
  5. Positivity and a growth mindset. Everyone is optimistic, people seem inspired and energized by the work they’re doing. Rather than clinging to a rigid sense of self and system, workers are flexible and adapt to the needs of each other and an environment in flux.
  6. People are comfortable taking risks, experimenting, and offering input without fear of being judged or rejected.
  7. Work can be independent or collaborative, as needed.
  8. Coworkers are supportive and understanding, communicating freely rather than condemning, judging, or being overly critical.
  9. Leadership is transparent and includes an appropriate amount of general input in important decisions.
  10. Work makes you, the worker, feel meaningful.

It may seem impossible, but I can check every statement in my new job.When I write the list out it seems to describe a truly wonderful school, or a truly wonderful classroom. Fitting, because I think Eton School really is all those things.

What makes a truly wonderful work environment?

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