What I Won’t Change (at all) in 2018

It’s that time: all the inspirational new year’s resolutions are popping up on all platforms. I myself spent two hours writing about my intentions for the new year, and I have some pretty great things up my sleeve.

But as I read through the myriad of reflections, revelations, and sentiments for self- and world- improvement, it occurred to me that there are many things that I don’t want to change at all, about my life or myself, in 2018. And that should have a space too.

What do you love so much you never want it to change?

I love my job. We have our moments, my job and I, and teaching kids isn’t glamorous. But I have the good fortune to be reconnected to a very important childhood community of mine. I get to do all the growing, changing, and self-improving with the knowledge that many of the people in my daily life have already seen it in me. I feel the love every day, and I don’t want that to change.

I’m obsessed with Seattle. Something about the way the mountains follow me reminds me that they have my back. I love driving over the brand-spankin’-new 520 bridge and searching out Mt. Rainier through the fog across the water. I’m grateful for the gray, drizzly, stay-inside-and-drink-coffee vibes of winter. I love the trees. I like the earthy people and the jazzy echoes of the Royal Room. I like the mud.

My school is great. No, the OTHER school. The new school. In which I’m learning how to be a more authentic human, comfortable in my own uncertainty and in sitting with the pain of others. I’m excited to have new people in my life, the kind that want to know everything and be vulnerable because that’s what makes us humans, and we’re all in this life together.

One of my best friends pointed out that this year will make four years of friendship outside college. That means my very dear friends and I will have had more relationship time out of college than in college. Our friendships have changed, but my love for them hasn’t. I love the way I feel full and inspired, comfortable saying whatever comes into my head. I am moved by how they process through their worlds, and I learn something new whenever I am with them. May this never change.

I spent most of this year without dairy, eggs, grains, coffee, sugar, corn, soy, tomatoes, legumes, and alcohol. I still have friends. I still go out and do things. I have more energy and less anxiety. I have more drive to change the world and more ideas and information racing through me. I am confident and clear-headed. I am a more authentic version of myself, connected to my purpose and aching to help others connect to their own.

I am hopeful. I believe more than ever that people have an innate ability to heal themselves and to find what is good in the world. I want 2018 to be a year of reconnecting people with their “guts.” When I listen, to myself and to others, with my ears and with my gut, I learn. May I continue to listen in this more holistic way.

This post, I hope, is a reminder:

You already have everything that you need. 


What I Won’t Change (at all) in 2018

4 thoughts on “What I Won’t Change (at all) in 2018

  1. Love love love this. As I work my way to the end of my twenties I realize I’ve grown so much and for the most part I’m very very proud of who I am. Room for improvement, always, but you’re right, there is so much to be said about embracing the now! All teh best for 2018 Anne. Hope our paths can cross soon xo

    1. Hope so too, Dana!! We always have room to grow but yes I got some joy out of celebrating how I’ve already grown this year! It’s exciting. Miss you all the time xxxo

  2. Ben Duchin says:

    I didn’t know you too well at Whitman but I read this post and thoroughly enjoyed it. It led to a conversation between my fiancé and I about what we wanted to keep the same (as well as how we hope to improve) in the new year. Thanks and Happy New Year!

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