Before You Whole30…

Here is my golden rule of the Whole30.

  1. Be prepared.

Sorry guys, I teach kids – Disney speaks my language.

Anyway, I am really serious about this golden rule. It served me well in Whole 30 Round 1, and has proved to be even more important in Whole30 Round 2.

How you prepare:


  • Examine your WHYs. This should happen in your decision-making process about whether or not to do an elimination diet in the first place. Why are you doing it? If you want to improve your general, overall health, make a list of some specific annoying health-related things that you want to get rid of. My naturopath told me, in our first meeting, “this is your space to be the biggest hypochondriac you’ve ever been. Name everything that’s wrong, and pretend we have a magic wand that can fix all of it.” Do this for yourself before your Whole30. Here were some of my issues that I hoped to fix:
    • Sleeping poorly – I kept waking up at 2:30, unable to fall back to sleep
    • Skin problems – hand eczema that would get inflamed after eating
    • Bloat – I always felt like I had air bubbles in my stomach
    • Anxiety and stress – whenever I’d get stressed, my body would panic. Stomach aches, sweats, and manic hyperfocus ensued, which was draining and counterproductive.
    • Headaches and fatigue
    • Extreme bouts of grouchiness, especially during the school day
    • Head fog – my head felt totally cloudy, like I couldn’t think clearly
  • Write down how you feel right now. This might be similar to your WHY list, but it will be a good thing to flip back to when you’re questioning if the diet worked for you, 30 days later.
  • Write down how you want to feel. You might discover some more WHYs in this process.
My pre-W30 journaling

I also had in mind some specific habits I needed to break. I realized that after a stressful class, I always craved chocolate. I would eat too much of it, have a manic sugar high, then crash hard (and need more) an hour later. Ditto dessert after dinner. Ditto, really, sugar of any kind. So, that was one of my main goals: examine the craving and think about if I really needed it. Based on that, I’d either eat a balanced snack or wait until the next meal (if I wasn’t really hungry…about 75% of the time, it turns out). Think of some habits that aren’t serving you well. If you can’t think of any, you may discover some as you go along.

My pre-Whole30 Costco haul

2. Physically.

  • Prepare your space. Collect all of the non-compliant snacks and put them out of sight or give them away. I put all of my snacks on the porch and forgot about them. If you won’t forget about them, eat them all before you start or find someone who will. You will be happy you did this in week 2, when your resolve is fading.
  • Go to Costco. Here’s my list:
    • Tomato products (diced and paste) – read the label in case of added sugar
    • Applesauce (unsweetened, they sell Tree Top in packs of 2), and canned pineapple – both are sweet treats
    • Bone Broth – chicken or beef, read the label for non-compliant ingredients
    • Ghee and/or coconut oil (they sell HUGE jars)
    • Aidell’s chicken apple sausages (they sell packs big enough to freeze), or a compliant Italian one that they also have
    • Whole chickens (if you have the fridge and freezer space)
    • Chicken thighs or breasts to freeze
    • Dried fruit (they have sugar-free mangoes)
    • Nuts (walnuts and almonds are compliant, no icky oils)
    • Spices
  • Order compliant things from Amazon.
    • Nutpods (3-flavor variety pack)
    • EPIC, Rx, or Larabars for emergencies
    • Primal Kitchen Greek Dressing and Avocado Oil Mayo (contains egg)
    • Tessemae’s – look for the compliant ketchup, BBQ sauce, dressings and marinades, or buy the Whole30 starter kit. These will liven up your salads and protein servings even on the laziest days!
    • Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides – when added to coffee with some coconut oil, they make it creamy and satiating, plus they’re good for joint health and other things
  • Acquire, from anywhere (Trader Joe’s is awesome, though):
    • Coffee
    • Coconut milk, cream, and flakes (Trader Joe’s has all of them)
    • Sweet potatoes and onions (from Costco for me)
    • Frozen mangoes, butternut squash
    • Riced broccoli (fresh) and riced cauliflower (fresh and frozen)
    • Ginger and garlic, herbs
    • Fresh fruits and veggies
    • Lacroix (SO GOOD) and Kombucha (Synergy is mostly sugar-free and has so many flavors)
  • Other helpful things:
    • Whole30 and Whole30 Cookbook – recipes, tips, tricks, and everything. Most stuff is also on
    • Follow @whole30 and @whole30recipes and @melissa_hartwig on Instagram. There, you will find a whole bunch of other people doing what you’re doing and loving it! It’s inspiring.

My second time around, I did most of these things before Day 1. If you’ve already started, you can still go get these super useful supplies! It’s never too late to shake up your Whole30 ingredients. Food boredom is real.

Lastly, keep a food journal. Maybe it’s pictures on your phone, maybe it’s that cute little notebook you’ve been wanting to buy…but get it, and track your progress. Record what you eat and how you feel. I’m still editing my system for this, because it can get tedious. But it’s well worth it when you can look back and see the progress you’ve made, and how much better you feel! It’s also a great resource if you decide you need a doctor’s help.

It seems like a lot, but preparation is SO key. Think of all this hard stuff now (maybe a weekend of work) making your life easier for the next month! If you get really advanced, you can make some Whole30 meals and freeze portions of them, too.

There are more layers to being prepared, but I’ll cover those next, with meal prep!

Does anyone have favorite clean food products? I’m always looking to add to my list. 🙂

Started the New Year off with a Whole30-approved brunch for my friends!








Before You Whole30…